1. How to install Freebux and register?

You can download and install the Freebux App on your android device from Google Play Store. You can register with the Freebux by verifying your mobile number and providing profile information.

2. I am unable to register with Freebux?

Please make sure you have entered correct mobile number on which you are using Freebux. It gives you missed call on the given mobile number and auto verifies your mobile number.
Please mail us at info@freebux.me in case you are not able to register.

3. What are the features supported by Freebux?

Freebux allows you to:-

  • Select from variety of offers (install the app, register for the service, complete transaction etc)
  • View offer details
  • View offers in progress
  • Topup any mobile number using Freebux wallet
  • View your Recharge and Transaction history
  • Invite friends to download Freebux
4. How can I earn free talktime using Freebux?

You can earn free talk time by:-

  • Completing any listed offer (installing app, register, complete transaction etc)
  • Invite friends via SMS/Emails etc and Get free talk time for every friend who joins Freebux.

Please note that credits will be transferred to your Freebux Wallet and you can use those credits to recharge any mobile number.

5. I have completed the offer but I have not received credits in my Freebux Wallet?

Reflecting credits in Freebux wallet will take some time. Please refresh and check once you completed all offer steps.

However please make sure that:

  • You have not completed offer / installed offer Apps previously on your device. We provide credits to only unique users who have not completed offer before.
  • You have not followed all the offer steps as mentioned.
6. How much I can earn using Freebux?

It varies and depends from offer to offer. Freebux does not guarantee you any minimum amount.

7. What is Freebux wallet?

Freebux wallet will store all the virtual credits you received by completing various offers. You can use Freebux wallet to get talktime. 1credit is equal to INR 1.

8. Can I see my all transaction history?

Yes. You can see all your transaction history for the offers you have completed.

9. Can I see my all recharge history?

Yes. You can see all your recharge history with their status and date time of transaction.

10. Is freebux available for iPhone & Windows Phone as well?

Not yet. Please expect them soon, though.

11. How do I contact freebux team?

Please mail your concerns at info@freebux.me.